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An excellent course that was facilitated by 2 people who have an obvious passion for the subject. This was reflected in the presentation and how well the course ran.

Having a dual instructor course online was incredible. The depth of knowledge between the two colleagues, as well as their rapport with one another, set the tone for the course. They took a difficult topic and made it approachable. Plus, they are absolutely lovely. I highly enjoyed this course and I am so thankful that I was able to engage with it.

What a fantastic course, not only were the instructors very knowledgeable they also showed us great empathy when dealing with sensitive subjects presented within the group. I got so much out of these sessions both from learning and on a personal level, I think the experience was also helped by the other delegates who were very honest and open. This also shows how comfortable we were in the company of both Sue and Jane. My understanding is on another level after attending Thank you.

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I would 100% recommend this course to anybody I meet. It is vital for reducing harmful stigma surrounding mental health and will encourage people to realise that mental health is a continuum! Sue and Jane were so lovely and supportive, with such a warm nature. It felt really refreshing to be in such an open and non-judgemental environment. I have learnt so much about myself and others which I will take with me into my future career and relationships. We are all unique. We all have experiences that shape us and influence the way we view ourselves and the world, and recovery is so much more than just an absence of symptoms; it's a sense of growth and realisation that things do get better! I am so grateful for having completed this course. Thanks MHFA, Sue and Jane!

Course - informative and stimulating content. I have learnt a huge amount. My confidence is hugely increased to be able to approach people who I am concerned about, at my work and in my personal life. Instructor - Jane was an excellent instructor. Jane delivered and engaged us in a variety of methods, which maintained interest and worked to different learning modes.

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Jane was absolutely fantastic. At no point did she ask us to step out of our comfort zone – in fact she constantly reminded us that we should not unpack anything we cannot pack away. Jane delivered the sessions in a very engaging manner - considering this was done virtually I think she should be massively commended for this. I will recommend this course, and Jane to anyone who will listen. I have been vying for this training for a number of years and it was very much worth the wait. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you Jane - you have and will continue to make, such a difference to peoples’ lives.

Wonderful teaching style, very open and transparent. I appreciated the inclusive and 'chatty' approach to learning through shared experiences.

Course content is paced perfectly, trainer was exemplary - clear communication and expertly competent. Felt comfortable for the duration and will 100% suggest it to be pursued again.

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Susan made this course, she was able to by drawing on her own honesty, openness and experiences, ensure the team were in a safe environment to open up about their own experiences, thus making the course live..... genius!

Phenomenal course - well structured, good exercises, plenty of interaction. Sue - you were amazing.

The instructors are brilliant and they are very aware of what is going on during session and they are very engaging.

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